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>A countertop renovation is about more than replacing something outdated – it’s about making a statement with the most elegant materials available. With our help, your home can make the statement that it takes quality materials, excellent workmanship, and pure sophistication to make a difference. Whether you come to us for a kitchen or vanity project – or something entirely unique – the Granstone team is here to provide a highly practical renovation that always delivers immaculate, head-turning results.

Meticulously Inspected Materials

We only handpick the finest and most resilient pieces for use in your renovation. Regardless of whether you opt for granite, marble, or anything in-between, you’re guaranteed exceptional material quality free of flaws that would otherwise impact long-term use and visual appeal.

Built by Mother Nature to Take a Beating

Having withstood millions of years of underground pressure, the stone we use is more than up for the task of handling your everyday needs. Whether for use as a bathroom counter full of toiletries or a giant meal prep workspace in your kitchen, we stand by the long-term durability of our countertops by trusting in the raw and awesome power of nature itself.

Infuse Your Home with Striking Mineralized Beauty

Regardless of whether you choose quartz, marble, granite, soapstone, quartzite or dekton for your countertop, rest assured you’re going to get a one-of-a-kind naturally engineered masterpiece. Complete with vivid colours, our stone is made more beautiful by vibrant veining, speckles, and mineral colouring achieved over millions of years of formation. Whether you’re looking for a finish complete with fossilized seashells or a midnight flecked black granite countertop, we have something for every taste.

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At Granstone, we stand by the exceptional-quality materials and service we provide to every customer. We’re happy to help you revitalize the look and practicality of your home today by making your dream countertop renovation a reality. Contact us today using the form below for more details.

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