Spring Kitchen Renovation Ideas

January 17

Depending on where you reside, you may still be in the thick of Winter.  This does not mean that you can’t start planning and preparing for Spring!  This transitional part of the year between Winter and Summer is the perfect time to bring life back into your home with Spring kitchen renovations.  The days are longer, the temperature is milder and it seems that everyone wants to start anew.

Here are a few Spring kitchen renovation ideas to freshen up your home.

Window Treatments

One of the first items on many Spring cleaning to-do lists is to wash the windows.  After months of snow and ice on top of the usual elements, it is important to not only clean the windows, tracks, and sills but to also check the weatherstrip.  At the same time, check to make sure that there are no signs of rot or water damage.  If you had the screens removed throughout the winter season, reinstall them after ensuring they don’t require repair.

It’s possible that you noticed a higher heating bill throughout the winter months.  This may be due to poor window insulation.  From air leakage causing heat loss to a higher intake of cold air, older windows are even more likely to be the culprit. By either repairing or replacing your windows, you will add value to your home, make your home more energy efficient, and lower the cost of your heating.


The thought of replacing kitchen tiles can be a bit overwhelming but there are many ways to upgrade them without even having to remove the existing tiles.  Other options include using stickers, decals, or tile paint, refreshing the grout, using concrete, brick panels, or contact paper, or even covering them with metal or wood paneling.  Of course, these options vary in practicality depending on the vision and budget in question.

Updated Storage Space

One of the main issues in any kitchen area is the lack of storage space.  Whether the storage areas are used for food and ingredients, or cutlery and appliances, the majority of residents want an organized, easy-to-access setup.

Depending on the layout of the kitchen, there are a variety of options available.  A popular choice is to add pullout storage.  Pullout shelves and drawers or a lazy susan/cabinet carousel can make even the most awkward of spaces more functional.  This may require a bit of extra planning to ensure the cabinet doors will make the shelving accessible (corner cabinet Susan doors are a perfect addition).

New Countertops and Backsplash 

The aforementioned renovation projects are effective in refreshing any kitchen, but one of the biggest ways to take advantage of Spring kitchen renovations is to update the countertops and backsplash.  Unless you have changed your countertops within the last ten years, odds are, it’s time for an upgrade.  This may be even more true if the current countertops have been damaged or worn down with use.  Or, your needs and style may have changed within that period; in either scenario, updated countertops can change everything. The options are many from granite, marble, quartz and more, the options are endless! We are experts in all countertop projects!

Finishing Touches

Once you have upgraded your countertops to your liking, you can now add your finishing touches to the kitchen.  For example, updating the lighting or hardware such as cabinet handles/knobs, drawer pulls, and/or sink fixtures that will compliment your chosen countertops.

You can also bring some of the beauty of Spring into the kitchen by placing seasonal blooms in a vase.  Not only does this add bright color, but it will attract attention to the beautiful countertops they are resting on.  All that is left to do, is to open a window, let the fresh Spring air in, and enjoy your freshly renovated kitchen.

If you’re looking for the perfect countertops to jumpstart your Spring kitchen renovations, contact Granstone! Give us a call today at (613) 733-0391 or message us directly to speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members.

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