May 11

5 Important Stone Countertop Maintenance Tips


Whether it’s soapstone, marble, quartz, or granite, at least a minimal amount of maintenance is necessary for keeping your stone countertop looking pristine for many years. And although this can differ depending on the specific stone type, maintaining these surfaces is reasonably simple to do. Here are some basic stone countertop maintenance tips to remember.

Know Your Stone

Each type of stone countertop differs in some way, which will affect the kind of maintenance it requires. This is also why we recommend doing a little research to understand the amount of care that’s necessary for each type in order to pick the best stone for your needs. So first, make sure to know what kind of stone you have and learn about the level of upkeep that it requires.

Always Use Coasters Under Drinks

Like most other household surfaces, you should always use coasters before placing down your glasses. Most stone surfaces are somewhat porous, which means they can mark up and stain, even with water rings. So save yourself the hassle and use coasters whenever necessary.

Don’t Place Hot Objects Directly On Surface

Even when stone countertops are sealed, it doesn’t make them bulletproof. They do become more stain-resistant, but they can still mark up. Always use some form of buffer when placing down hot pans and other hot objects. Never put them directly on the stone’s surface.

Blot Spills Right Away

The countertop is a significant component of your entire kitchen’s design. You’ll want to keep it looking pristine for many years down the road. That’s why one of the most important stone countertop maintenance tips is to blot – not wipe – any spills that occur right away. Wiping can spread the stain and make matters worse, so stick to blotting. Even if yours is sealed, it still is not worth the risk of having that spaghetti sauce create a permanent mark on your beautiful counter.

Use Soap and Water

Since stone is a natural material, it should be treated with care. And that means avoiding any harsh or abrasive cleaning products. We recommend sticking to a mild dish soap and water solution which often works just fine at giving the area a good, thorough cleaning.

Remember to implement these stone maintenance tips for your kitchen. We at Granstone are the granite, marble, and quartz stone experts in Ottawa. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you bring your ideas to life!


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