January 9

5 Key Components of a Beautiful Bathroom

With all the hype about modern, luxury bathrooms sprawled across design shows and interior magazines, you might be wondering how to spruce up your bathroom this year to turn it into your own little luxury oasis. To help you nail down how to transform it into your new showpiece, here are our top choices for the key components of a beautiful bathroom.

The Shower

Whether your bathroom has a bath and shower or just a shower, beautiful modern bathrooms are all about having sleek glass enclosures. Also, stick to a fairly neutral colour palette and then enhance your shower space by incorporating interesting visual elements, like elegant wide-plank tiles or accent patterns, along with an eye-catching showerhead. Simple touches like these will make it feel as if you’re stepping into a luxury spa each time you shower.

The Floor

The floor can also make or break your design. So if your bathroom floor screams 1980s with outdated patterns or scuff marks, it’s time for a floor-lift! Today, you can find a wide variety of interesting patterns and materials that can enhance your flooring and entire bathroom quickly. Just make sure that what you select goes with the theme and tone of your entire design to keep it looking cohesive and on point.

The Faucets

The faucets are where you can really glam up the look of your bathroom and finish it off with an extra touch of luxury. Years ago, there wasn’t much of a selection to choose from, but in today’s design world, there are unlimited choices to suit any style and budget, ranging from less than $75 all the way to $1000 and more. From ultra contemporary to smart tech, to classic or vintage, you can find a statement faucet to finish your design off nicely.

The Countertop

Like with the kitchen, countertops are always a key component of a beautiful bathroom, mainly because they take up more space and naturally draw in the eye. There’s a reason why certain materials like granite and quartz have been a staple choice for so long — they radiate luxury and elegance, while also being extremely durable. When choosing a countertop for your vanity, stick to materials that will look stunning and will last.

The Sink

Finally, the sink which sits on top of your counter like a crown jewel needs to be equally captivating to give your design a final focal point. Bowl style sinks are always a great choice and are guaranteed to enhance the look of your bathroom.

Give your bathroom the makeover it deserves with the help of Granstone. Our team specializes in kitchen remodels along with granite, marble, quartz, and all quality countertop installations. We can help you transform the look of your bathroom with the best in craftsmanship and customer service in Ottawa. Contact us today to learn more!


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