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Marble Counter Tops Ottawa


Marble Counter Tops Ottawa

When it comes to the kitchen, marble is a classic and practical option, as any expert will tell you. Modern, high-end structures often use marble in their construction. Even though it has to be sealed and maintained, marble is still considered one of the world’s purest natural stones since the issues associated with it may be readily mitigated by selecting a tougher variant of marble and a high-quality sealer. Then why not take it home and use it as a kitchen countertop?

We can all agree that marble is, in many respects, irreplaceable, even if there are now manufactured stones that can pass for it. As it ages, it acquires a distinctive patina that gives the whole home a lot of charm, and this kind of finish cannot be replicated. Here are ten rock-solid arguments favoring taking the plunge and getting that marble countertop.


Marble is a kind of natural stone created when limestone, already rather durable, is exposed to high temperatures and pressure. Limestone undergoes these rigorous tests before it is compressed into beautiful marble. It ranks among the world’s toughest materials because of its incredible resilience in the face of force, stress and weight. Marble is the most durable material for a kitchen countertop. Marble is more durable than conventional substitutes like butcher block and linoleum. Also, although you shouldn’t stand or sit on your kitchen counters, they may support your weight.

Marble is lovely

This is, without a doubt, the most compelling argument in favor of installing marble in your house. Those with intricate veining or lines through the hue are your best bet. White marble is a timeless classic that works with any kitchen cabinet color.

Heat resistance

In contrast to many other countertop materials, marble can withstand high temperatures without damage. You can be certain that your marble countertop will not melt or burn if you set a hot pot or pan on it. However, if the stone is subjected to extreme heat frequently, it may shatter. The marble countertop’s polish might be harmed as well. As a result, you should never put a hot skillet or pot directly on the counter without first setting it on a trivet or hot pad.

It raises your home’s resale value

Natural stone in the kitchen is a popular and eye-catching feature, as any real estate agent can attest. Careful upkeep of the home is shown in the use of natural stone. They might be interested, particularly if your countertop is white, since it will complement the new owner’s design scheme no matter what they decide to put in their kitchen. White marble countertops, such as Carrara or Calcatta, are ideal for homeowners who want to think forward since they can experiment with different tableware and cabinetry without contacting a fabricator to replace the countertop.

Keep in mind that not every stone is created equal. Because marble is mined from quarries worldwide, there is a wide variety of marble to choose from. Similar variations in quality and cost may be seen in response to these considerations. All marbles are stunning, but which is best for your home depends on your preferences and habits. Do you have the time and energy to clean up a spill right away, or would you rather go to bed with a messy countertop? A deeper shade is preferable if your lifestyle is always on the go. Even lighter tones are available if you choose the honed finish instead of the polished one.

A honed “matte” finish might be a great choice for your house since it resists scratches and etching better than a shiny one. Because a good sealant may mitigate most of the issues that might arise with any marble, the decision comes down to individual taste. To ensure you make the best decision possible, consult a reputable natural stone supplier who can explain the qualities of the marble you are considering.

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