March 22

Top 6 Trends in Kitchen Design This Year


Ottawa Kitchen Design can be a fun and exciting experience — especially if you love to spend time cooking and entertaining for your family and friends. From multifunctional sinks to smart kitchens, the possibilities are absolutely endless today in the world of interior design. Before you kick off your new remodel project, check out the top 6 trends in kitchen design this year to help you figure out the perfect look for your home and lifestyle.

Green It Up!

Darker, velvety green hues are making a comeback in a big way this year, donning backsplashes, feature walls, and other accent features throughout the kitchen and home. It’s a bold and elegant way to add more life to your kitchen, making it look luxurious, and energizing.

Black and Sleek

Black is another growing trend in kitchen design this year that may surprise you. But when paired with lighter contrasting colors and textures, it can add an elegant, sophisticated and even cozy touch to your design.

Plenty of Storage Space

Marie Kondo’s sensational organization method has everyone obsessed with tidying up their homes. And one of the best ways to turn a house into a clutter-free haven is to build plenty of storage spaces for keeping things neat and organized. The kitchen is an excellent place to start since cooking requires a lot of utensils, pots, pans, dishes, appliances, and more. So take this into consideration when planning out your space.

Smart Kitchens

With the rapid advancement of technology, why not take advantage of some sophisticated, high-tech kitchen tools and appliances? A smart kitchen will make it more fun and convenient to cook, bake, grill, and do all sorts of culinary experiments!

Minimalistic and Neat

Minimalism is a popular lifestyle trend that’s gaining more momentum each year. More homeowners are tossing out their excess to make way for clean and clutter-free environments. Keeping everything simple and tidy can make any kitchen look welcoming and functional, while making the home feel more refreshing and enjoyable to live in.

Quartz And Granite Counters

The countertops are always an integral part of any kitchen design, so cheaping out on them is never the way to go. You need a material that can handle the amount of wear and tear they’ll endure in the kitchen. That’s why quartz and granite are two of the most common materials used since they’re sleek, polished, durable and require little to no maintenance.  


The possibilities are endless when choosing the perfect design for your kitchen. And if you’re a great cook, it’s probably your favorite area in the home. So you want it to be inviting, comfortable and convenient. To learn more about the popular trends in kitchen design this year, or to get a quote, give our Granstone team a call today!

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