May 13

Protecting Your Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops: A Guide to Sealing Granite Countertops


If you’ve ever undergone a kitchen renovation or moved into a home with a newly renovated bathroom, you know the importance of protecting these high-traffic areas. With all the liquids, soaps, sharp cutlery, and cooking equipment in these rooms, countertops are especially susceptible to damage. While avoiding use of your kitchen or bathroom is not a solution, adding a layer of protection can help put your mind at ease. Sealing your granite countertops is an excellent way to safeguard them. Here’s what you need to know.

What You’ll Need:

  1. Rubber gloves
  2. Soft rags and a microfiber cloth
  3. Spray bottle
  4. Oil
  5. Granite sealer (seek professional recommendations)
  6. Dish soap
  7. Rubbing alcohol

Step One: Clean the Countertops Thoroughly clean your countertops, preferably the day before applying the sealant, to ensure they are dry and ready for sealing.

Step Two: Test the Sealant Carefully read the instructions on the sealant to ensure you have everything you need and follow all safety precautions. Test the sealant in an inconspicuous spot to check for any discoloration after the recommended time. If there is discoloration, stop and use a different sealant that is compatible with your surface.

Step Three: Apply the Sealant Apply the sealant in a circular motion, starting from the top and moving from side to side until you reach the bottom of the countertop.

Step Four: Allow the Sealant to Dry Check the sealant’s instructions for drying time and allow it to dry completely.

Step Five: Remove Excess Sealant Once the sealant is dry, wipe away any excess with a soft cloth.

Congratulations! Your granite countertops are now sealed. However, daily care is crucial for their upkeep. It is recommended to reseal your countertops every 1-5 years, depending on their porosity. If spills begin to quickly soak into the countertop, it’s time to reseal.

For more expert advice on caring for luxury countertops, call Granstone. They are the granite, marble, and prestige quartz countertop specialists in the city of Ottawa, with experience handling all types of surfaces. They can offer professional advice for any countertop concerns.

They can be reached at (613) 733-0391 from Monday to Saturday, or emailed at [email protected]


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