June 22

Tips for Preparing Your Outdoor Space for Summer 2023

In less than a week, we will officially be in the Summer 2023 season.  For many, this means vacations, enjoying the warm weather and hosting long-awaited BBQs.  What if your home isn’t quite as prepared as you are for get-togethers or outdoor gatherings?  The following will discuss how to make the most of Summer 2023 with the help of Granstone.

What To Consider

Before we discuss the best options for your outdoor setup, let’s first go over a few of the important considerations that must be accounted for.


Probably the most obvious thing to consider when discussing an outdoor space, is which of the 5 climates you live in.  While you’re focusing on the summer temperatures for the time being, the other weather conditions throughout the year need to be taken into account too!  With this being said, it is best to identify which of the following five climates you live in.

Tropical: This is a hot and humid zone with average temperatures being greater than 64°F (18°C) all year long.  To add to this, tropical zones experience more than 59 inches of precipitation each year!

Dry: These climate zones are arid due to very little precipitation and hardly any moisture in the air.

Temperate: In this zone, summers are typically warm and humid with recurring thunderstorms, with winters that are usually quite mild.

Continental: These regions have warm to cool summers.  During their very cold winters (sometimes falling below -22°F/-30°C), this zone can experience snowstorms, and strong winds.

Polar:  As you may guess, in the polar climate zones, it is extremely cold. Even during the summer, the temperatures never go higher than 50°F (10°C).


Coming in the #1 spot, granite is one of the best options for outdoor countertops.  Are you having a BBQ with a lot of children in attendance?  Not a problem!  As long as it is sealed properly, granite is resistant to heat, mildew, mold, and stains.  (This is as beneficial for adults as it is for children).

Additionally, there is no need to worry about what will happen after many hours of sun exposure- granite is quite resistant to fading.  Be that as it may, there is one thing to consider for using granite outdoors- it is recommended to use a lighter shade of granite if there is little to no shade provided by trees or a canopy.  This is due to the fact that the darker colors may get hot to the touch in the sun.


Another great option for outdoor purposes is soapstone.  With an organic appearance, it will feel and look natural to have as part of a backyard setup.  Better yet, it is durable and environmentally-friendly.  As with granite, soapstone will stand up to heat and is stain resistant.  It is also water resistant, making it easy to clean and low-maintenance.

One downside to soapstone is that the color options are a bit on the limited side of things.  However, when you consider how it is non-porous and can survive bouts with possible cooking juices such as sauces or citrus, the pros quickly outweigh the cons.


Last but definitely not least, is Dekton.  Made of a combination of quartz, porcelain and glass, Dekton is regularly requested by Granstone customers.  It is moisture resistant and easy to clean, while also offering unique colors and patterns.  It is, without a doubt, one of the most elegant options for any countertop.

According to testing done by Consumer Reports, Dekton resisted damage from chopping, cutting, heat and stains.  It also did quite well during abrasion tests.  Needless to say, these qualities make it a great contender for outdoor use.

If this article has inspired you to stop putting off this Summer’s renovations, contact Granstone!  

Whether it’s by a message, email ([email protected]), or phone call 613-733-0391, we will get back to you as soon as possible.  In the meantime, you can take a look to see exactly how Granstone works.  We’re excited to work with you to make Summer 2023 the best summer yet!


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