November 21

How to Design a Kitchen which Commands Respect


If you’re undergoing a new kitchen reno, make it a show-stopper that will catch the eyes of your guests and potential buyers in the future. Aside from being the most used and viewed room in the home, it’s also the most important when it comes to boosting the value of your home. So it’s always a worthy investment. Learn how to design a kitchen that commands respect and awe with these eye-catching five tips.

Think About Your Cabinetry

The cabinets in your kitchen take up a lot of space, and they’re right smack in your plain of view. So naturally, they get noticed almost immediately. Your cabinets should add character to your kitchen without consuming the space. So when it comes to selecting the right colour or finish, we recommend staying within the similar palette of your entire kitchen design. If you’re planning on having a lighter, off-white look, then stick with a similar toned finish. The same thing applies for darker finishes and colours.

Think About the Layout

If you’re a fan of entertaining, then really think about your layout before getting started on the project. Consider an open concept, how to position the island counter, how to improve the general flow, how to invite more natural light into the room, and how it can serve both you and your guests best.

Go Bold on the Finishes

Since the cabinetry is meant to blend well with the overall design, you can go bold on the extra finishes to enhance your kitchen. With such an endless variety of fixtures available, you can tailor your design with unique door handles for the cupboards, or an eye-catching backsplash, or an oversized sink with modern faucets, or other minor but important touches that suit your style best. There’s so much to choose from these days, so spend the time to find your perfect finishing touches to transform your kitchen into a stunning masterpiece.

Invest in Quality Appliances

New, modern appliances can dramatically improve the look of your kitchen, especially if your current ones haven’t been updated in years. Not only are newer models more attractive, but they also perform much better, and they’re energy-efficient. So they look great and can save you more money. It’s a win-win!

To design a kitchen that commands respect and attention, consider each of these points above, and hire the right team that can make your vision a reality. Our team at Granstone specializes in kitchen designs and countertop installations throughout Ottawa. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your dream kitchen!


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